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Feel Good Friday 

Support the Samaritans Feel Good Friday

We know what has an instant 'feel good' impact - book our on-site massage therapists to treat your team.

Budget friendly prices, we are offering 10% discount on full day bookings to new and existing customers.

Full day (6 working hours = 18 employees for 20 minutes or 24 employees for 15 minutes) will be charged at £225 per day (+ VAT).

Orange Box Feel GoodGuaranteed to bring smiles to faces:

'the best massage I have ever had, and I have experienced many - thank you'

'less achy shoulders and felt good for the rest of the day'

'thank you HR - what a great surprise'

and the workplace healthcare team organises everything for you! We even set you up a dedicated wellbeing page for your company and employees can book online:

'The planning for the day was carried out by Workplace Healthcare with minimum input from the Health and Well-being Team at Fera. We were able to leave the booking of the appointments to the automated system and Fera staff had easy access to this.

This was the kind of service we require to be able to offer staff and we are now looking to book a further event at one of our other sites

Health and Well-being Manager - FERA'

'Both Kim and Eimear were booked out and the massages went down a treat ! Unfortunately I didn’t get one myself but not to worry - next time!

HR Manager - Shell Ireland'

'Hi Victoria What a great day! The office was buzzing and Sue worked flat out to provide a well earned massage to all of our I would like to thank you for taking on this booking at such short notice - it was really an outstanding service

Sarina Russo - Executive'

So don't delay, call or email us to arrange your in-house therapy booking or to discuss our workshops or health screening services.

View the Smaritans Feel Good Friday page here