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+Stressing the Positives   Wednesday November 4th

This year’s International Stress Management Association campaign is focused on ‘stressing the positives’. 

Stress and pressure are not the same.  Pressure is a part of life which includes the joys and hassles; it keeps us interested and on our toes, alert, alive and involved.  Too  much intense or excessive pressure becomes draining mentally and physically and can result in undesirable, harmful outcomes known as stress. 



·        Headaches/migraine

·        Motivation

·        High Blood Pressure

·        Excitement

·        Stomach upsets

·        Zest for life

·        Muscle Tension

·        Optimistic and energised

·        Loss of confidence

·        Increased Performance

·        Poor Sleep/insomnia

·        Impetus to achieve success

·        Irritability/mood swings

·        Boosts inner potential

·        Anxiety/depression

·        Creatively helpful


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