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and we understand this may cause some anxiety and uncertainty.  Once upon a time we travelled to work in the morning, we shook hands when meeting up, we worked at our shared office and ate lunch together in a local cafe – how our reality has changed in 2020 and how it is about to change again.  What are our concerns? Physical impact? Mental impact? Time? Money?  Join us for a virtual workshop.  We are also looking forward to running your virtual fitness sessions, and we are exploring visiting your offices again towards the end of June to run wellbeing days and offer our therapies.  We literally cannot wait to see you all!

For further information and our virtual brochure - get in touch: victoria@workplacehealthcare.co.uk




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Helping to keep your employees healthy and engaged is our business.

Our proactive approach aligns with the philosophy 'prevention is better than cure' and has been adopted by many organisations that want to keep their people fit, active and productive.

Virtual Employee Wellbeing Workshops  We can run your wellbeing event virtually over a day or week, why not let us plan a monthly event for you?

Need some virtual wellbeing ideas?  Check out our new blog here or get in touch for our virtual wellbeing brochure which includes Wellbeing Days, Weeks, Pick something every month or as a one off.


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virtual wellbeing day building a resilient workforce with creative content 

Uncertain times are calling for kindness and support for everyone.  Our wellbeing day content includes managing mental health, yoga, pilates, kundadance, physio, nutrition, returning to work, singing ourselves home, speed reading, managing pressure, peak performance, the breath, relaxation, drawing and creative workshops - you can select the content that suits your organisation the most.

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Please feel free to contact us for even the smallest of enquiries. We won't charge you to have a sit down with us to discuss ideas, and if you'd rather speak on the phone before hand you're more than welcome to leave a contact number and we will have somebody call you within 24 hours.

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