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20/04/11 your own facial on-site massage routine

Our on-site massage teams have been inundated with employees who are suffering with colds and flu this month.  Luckily we are trained to recognise when to treat and not treat, and have been able to clear blocked noses and stuffy heads with our facial point massage.  It is great if we do it, you lay back and relax, but if we aren’t coming to you for a while, or if (heaven forbid) you don’t have the workplace healthcare massage team visit your office, then don’t panic – here is the routine!

You could enlist the help of a colleague…. or even sit and do it in front of your computer (no one will know honest) the perfect office massage.

It has been clearing sinuses and reviving employees at the companies we work at and we hope it helps you, do write back and tell us, or tweet us #healthystaff

your own on-site massage routine

 Are you sitting comfortably?  Please do not do this routine if you are pregnant.

Points 1-4 run across the back of the head (find the bony bit where your head meets your neck) and using thumb or fingers massage along the ridge.

then simply follow points 5 – 20 in order (it doesn’t matter if you don’t keep to the order – relax and go with the flow!)

If you are doing this at home, apply some oil (olive, jojoba, avocado) and sit back and relax.  If you are doing this at work, it’s best not to apply oil just before you go into a meeting. he he.

We have found it brilliant to help clear blocked sinuses and stuffy heads, it is also said to act as a natural face lift – perform every morning before stepping out of bed.