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Sometimes we get stuck in old habits.  When was the last time you learnt to read?  At school for most of us.  Did you know there are techniques that can help you with information overload, improve recall and increase your words per minute dramatically?  Have trouble remembering information or names at that last networking session?  Our WorkSMART courses are great fun and you will learn some invaluable new skills to help you to work efficiently, reducing pressure, increasing performance.

De Bono courses

Updating the tool box, sharpening the mind, working efficiently

  • Six Thinking Hats
  • De Bono Facilitation
  • Workload Management
  • Time Management
  • Memory Master
  • Mind Mapping at work
  • Speed Reading
  • Creative Thinking
  • Goal! A how to guide

Sample course description:

Workload management 2day course

Our 2 day agenda will include individual and group exercises, discussion and coaching.  We learn the following skills:

Importance:  looking at what matters to us, unleashing our creative self and understanding the slave within us and why we are driven to do what is expected of us rather than what is important.

Mind Mapping:  utilizing this valuable technique to help plan, prioritise, brainstorm and perform more efficiently.  Mind Mapping helps to stir our creativity and it's great fun to learn and practise.

Speed Reading: it is important that we take in and learn the information required of us to do our jobs well, however, being faced with a pile of reading can be a little daunting.... We learn the skills of effective speed reading so that you don't have to fear the information pile up ever again.

Memory Master: understand how your memory works and learn techniques to recall facts figures.

Time Management:  learn how to manage time and why we need to.  We look at procrastination, time wasters, strategy and organisation for more efficient time management and also how to set goals and objectives.