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stress audit/needs analysis

UK legislation requires all organisations to assess the health and safety risk of their employees and take action to manage that risk. This includes not just employees' physical health and safety but their mental health and safety too, in particular stress.


Providing employees with the tools to WorkWELL can result in fully engaged happy employees. To enable good foundations, it is important to first understand your companies' needs.

In-line with the HSE Stress Management Standards we can work with your team to first evaluate, discuss and then implement strategy and create a stress policy for your organisation.

The audit can be carried out across the whole organisation or a specific department.  We work with you on a bespoke questionnaire, incorporating any work specific information required.  Focus Groups and one to one interviews can be arranged if required and once completed by your employees, the data is sent confidentially to the Workplace Healthcare team where we prepare a full report detailing areas requiring immediate medium and long term action. 

The process can be repeated bi annually or annually and we can compare data from previous years allowing us to gauge the progress and assess training needs.