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Have you ever wondered when a group of people become a team? The thesaurus tells us that it's when the group is striving towards the same goal.  Easy then, we all want the same outcome.  If you work as part of a team you will know that this is not so easy.  People say and do different things to you, for no apparent reason, we often see things differently from our colleagues.  Discover and understand the team dynamHbdiwordsics.


This session works with the HBDI and gives insight into identifying how the team thinks, works and communicates, makes decisions and solves problems.

Benefits of this team building workshop:team work

Nurture: working with the team profile you will be able to build constructive relationships

Understand: who you are and how you relate to your colleagues

Build: value from the creative diversity of your team

Challenge: learn new ways of communicating with people you find difficult

Influence: discover how your team members think and become more influential by speaking their language