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Physical exercise is great for both body and mind, and learning to meditate is great for both mind and body! 

Learning simple ways to effectively shift consciousness can be like pushing the re boot button.  Think of tackling some of those tasks with a fully focused mind and relaxed yet energised body. 

In a recent programme on BBC2 Bristol University Professor Kathy Sykes embarked on a mission to find out more about the effects of meditation and found the most exciting part of the investigation had moved from philosophy to the lab!  Long term meditation alters brain wave patterns and can result in changes in the actual structure of the cortex, the outer part of the brain.  Data has shown that meditation can play a role in reduction of stress, can improve emotional regulation and can slow the effects of ageing in brains, slowing the normal decrease in mental agility, increasing the ability to learn new things and improving memory....  Pretty amazing.

Our Fit Mind meditation classes run for 60 minutes and whilst a small group is beneficial, we can also teach to large groups and provide sessions at seminars and events.