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it's a fact of life these days...........

that many of our waking hours are spent on screen based activities. With the emergence of smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops the volume of time spent on these devices is only going one way. An issue with the four aforementioned devices is their portability. Of course from a lifestyle/work angle this is a massive positive, but in the world of posture, position and back care is a store of problems to come. That said a major amount of time is still spent sitting at chair and desk in the office or home study. With this being a much more static enviroment it is easier to focus in on correct practice and via DSE assessments educate staff in workstation ergonomics. Hopefully staff will apply this knowledge when working at home, on the train, plane or coach. With our great offer, get compliant and get your staff sitting comfortably. Get in touch

are you sitting comfortably?

When you have a large amount of DSE Assessments to carry out and on a regular basis, (increasingly stringent compliance legisation and regulation will make this enevitable) the web based solution is a tidy one.

The tests are easy to complete and give the user the oppurtunity to access more in depth information there and then if they so wish via a built in knowledge library. The back end admin panel, makes management of your DSE compliance a whole load easier and virtually paperless. Your occupational health or health & safety department can easily keep track of all employees status, issues and trends at any time, with numerous ways to breakdown the data. Comprehensive management reporting is also included, this helps you to present collated information in a valuable and clear manner.

  • Make sure your compliant
  • No IT intrusion completely web based
  • Built in reporting and email follow up
  • Backend admin panel for full control
  • Branding customisation
  • Flexible question content, tailored to your needs
  • Full end to end service
  • Ergonomist or physiotherapist  follow ups if required

We offer an end to end service, so if interventions are needed by a physiotherapist or a ergonomist this can be provided (but there is no obligation to use this service), furthermore we do not sell office furniture or computer equipment so have no vested interest in any after sales.

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