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Scientists have claimed that it's as risky as smoking, increases obesity, and that it could lead to deep vein thrombosis if you do it for too long. Yet 59 per cent of us do it every day at work. Sitting at a desk, it seems, can be hazardous to your health.

Providing your employees with easy access to fitness creates a win win situation.  We are told time and time again by our clients that offering the lunchtime pilates class or early morning Tai Chi instruction is one of the best things they have ever done, leaving employees feeling cared for appreciated and full of energy.

Promoting a healthy working environment is key to sustainable productivity and encouraging employees to stop and stretch, jump around, run up and down the stairs or meditate will all contribute to an energized, rather than burnt out, workforce.

Classes can be paid in full as an employee benefit, subsidised, or simply provide the space and time for your employees to pay for their class themselves.

No space? no excuse.  We can often find a small hall or space and will simply pass this charge on to you at cost.  Still not persuaded?  Start by rolling out our deskbound do's and don'ts:

Do take a break from your desk every 20 minutes

Do make sure to sit up straight poor posture can lead to back problems, which are the most common cause of sick days in the UK

Do seek advice from your employers if you are suffering from discomfort at your desk. They should provide you with information on how to work correctly and may be able to provide office equipment to help

Don't email your colleagues go and talk to them instead

Don't stay at your desk during your lunch break even a five-minute walk can be beneficial

Don't spend all day and all evening sitting in front of a screen. Go for a walk, join the gym or, if you must watch TV, try doing some exercise at the same time

Contact us to arrange your class.