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Our WorkWELL programme is designed to cover all aspects of health at work.  The courses look at health awareness, our nurses deliver talks on a range of health topics empowering employees with the tools to be health aware, through to energy management with our training team, understanding pressure and how to identify warning signs, understand your brain and how it works, so whether it is tackling stress and pressure within your organisation, travel health for your overseas voyagers or goal setting and positive thinking, we have the answer.

 Health & Wellbeing Workshops and courses

  • Managing Pressure
  • Stress Awareness
  • The Balancing Act
  • Positive Thinking
  • SleepWell
  • EatWell
  • WellMan
  • Well Woman
  • Travel Health
  • Posture Workshops

Sample course description:

Managingpressure1Our 2 day agenda will include a mixture of individual and group exercises, questionnaires, discussion and coaching.

Day One

Stress:  Just how stressed are we?  Identifying warning signs, reactions and our health.

Thinking Skills: The brain, how we think, cognitive patterns, Perceptions, Perfectionism, Fear of Failure, Demands and Expectations.

Problem Solving: Brainstorming, personal problems, planning responses to pressure.

Relaxation: Breathing, Creativity and the power of imagination.


Day Two

Communication: healthy relationships, listening skills, rapport, assertiveness.

Time Management: work life balance, time pressures, priorities, procrastination, lifestyle habits.

Health: nutrition, sleep, breaks and daily practices, thinking and its impact on our health, daily exercises.

Goal Setting: Action planning, troubleshooting problems, visualisation, support systems.

Relaxation: Visualisation of goals.