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Workplace Health Screening

Ask your employees whether they know their heart rate, blood pressure or cholesterol numbers and many would find it hard to provide you with the answers. Many people (especially men) are not regular visitors to their local GP, so access and awareness of this simple but vital data is missing.


Providing Workplace Health Screening can be an opportunity of protecting your business from unnecessary absenteeism and at the same time taking an active interest in your employees underlying wellness and potentially uncovering problems before they become more problematic, and so ensuring that your workforce are performing at the peak of their health 

Our nurses & nutrition team will offer 1:1 consultation appointments for employees to discuss any niggling health concerns and carry out blood pressure, BMI, heart rate, glucose and cholesterol checks. These checks require a finger prick.

Employee Vitamin D Screening

Our nurses & nutrition team will visit you and carry out this test for your employees. It involves a finger prick and the test is sent away to our lab. Results take up to a week. We will also be able to discuss the benefits of vitamin D in relation to our immune system and advise on what to look for in your supplement.

Health screening & Vit D can be included, along with additional services, to create your own Wellbeing  Day.

Get in touch to find out how you can benefit from Workplace Health Screening.




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