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03/11/10 Moustache’s, Maserati’s and Men’s Health

I don’t talk confidently when I mention that men need to be pushed to the doctor as it seems that they may find it rude, or an assault on their intelligence.  However chaps, it’s true!

A recent study released by the MHF (Men’s health Forum) shows a high level of dissatisfaction among men with the current family doctor service and widespread support for extended surgery hours; many surgeries are closed at weekends, except for emergencies, and if you work away then it is impossible to get back by 6pm to fit in an appointment, and it seems that men are unlikely to take a day off to get to the doctor.

There were also requests for more male clinics, more check-ups and screening tests, many called for more ‘male-friendly’ surgeries, with more men’s magazines and men’s health posters in the waiting room, and more male receptionists and male nurse practitioners.

Alarmingly, a number of men said they felt ‘out of place’ when visiting their GP, and several suggested that GPs should hold male only sessions or male health clinics.  Several men wanted to see an on-line booking system. One proposal was that surgeries should be held in local betting shops, pubs, golf clubs and other men’s venues.

A majority of the health professionals consulted suggested that during the course of their lifetimes, many men learned attitudes that pre-disposed them not only to poorer health behaviours, such as greater risk-taking than women, but also to poorer use of services. It was suggested that men were:

  • more likely to try to “tough out” illness
  • more likely to give priority to work commitments over treatment and rest
  • more likely to have a self image that encouraged them to deny illness — illness equals weakness
  • less likely than women to be prepared to discuss their health
  • more likely to fear the consequences of illness and disease

So come on guys, let’s take care of ourselves, corny but true, you do only get one body and you would change your oil and water in your Maserati/Porsche/Ferrari/Robin Reliant, so whatever body work you have, you need to learn to look after what is under the bonnet!

This is the focus of our workplace health screening service, the feedback that having a whole 20 minute appointment with our Occupational Health nurse provides an invaluable opportunity to air concerns, and benefit from the health screening tests, including urine screen which can identify early prostate problems and diabetes.

Our WELLman workshop is an hour long and encourages open discussion and learning about men’s health and wellbeing, and we have an alliance with the Prostate Cancer Charity, who are often happy to visit your work place and talk to you about signs, symptoms and treatment.

Also, I feel it is my place to warm you – It is that time of the year once again.  You may see a great variety; handlebar, toothbrush, pencil but don’t fear, it’s all in aid of a good cause!

Pay attention to your top lip and grow a moustache in the month of November! Following on from the amazing success of the 2009 event where 45,000 Mo Bro’s raised over £5 million, this year Movember are hoping for even more people taking part and helping to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

The rules are simple:

  • Register on the Movember website and set up your Mo Page here
  • Start on the 1st November clean shaven and do not shave your moustache for the whole month
  • No goatees and no beards!
  • Help raise awareness of prostate cancer and ask people for sponsorship

This year’s campaign focuses on the idea that every man deserves a little bit of luxury so act like a modern gentleman and grow a moustache!

To find out more about our UK wide men’s health workshops and health screening, email us or call today, 0845 2263391.