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23/07/12 Taking Care of the Future Generation

During July, MEND (Mind Exercise Nutrition Do It) are promoting childhood healthy lifestyles. Check the link on the right hand side to see if there are any initiatives in your area. Whether you have children or not, children will shape the future of our country, and taking care of their needs emotionally and physically is an important job for everyone!

Good nutrition is by no means the solution to all of our problems, however we do have a real need to take action.

Obesity: is a growing problem. The UK is now the fattest country in Europe, overweight babies become overweight children who become overweight adults who will go on to develop related health conditions. Doctors are now concerned as seeing fatty liver which leads to cirrhosis in young children. This is a degenerative liver disease normally only seen in alcoholics.

Bone health: the return of rickets, cases are on the increase, (20% of 200 children in recent study exhibited symptoms of rickets!) children are not eating calcium which can lead to tooth decay and poor growth.

Mental health: 2-5 % children/teenagers suffer from depression; in a class of 30, 1-3 children may have

Immune system: children who do not eat properly are more prone to colds, infections, fatigue, stress, poor sleep – just like us!

Our nutrition workshops topics include feeding our children well and can be run in conjunction with one to one nutrition appointments for employees to discuss specific nutrition and wellbeing issues.

Want to know how to get started on spreading the word?

Download our free nutrition sheet and pass it around the office/playgroup/school notice board – help get the message out to everyone.

Click the fact sheet to download (pdf).

Contact us for more information.