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18/07/11 Health Promotion – let’s get creative part III

Wellbeing Champions.

Sometimes the difficulty in keeping up momentum comes when the pressure of running a wellbeing campaign is all on your shoulders (HR/OH Departments).

Spread the load a little.  There is some evidence to suggest that your wellbeing campaign will benefit from enlisting the help of wellbeing champions within your workplace.

Put the question out there…….

Has anybody recently lost weight/attained their weight goal, would they be happy to help others by working with your wellbeing provider to promote the weight loss campaign?  How about a fitness goal/half marathon/personal best for someone?  Would they be happy to promote the new fitness classes you were thinking about running?  We often work with a number of employees within a company when there are multiple initiatives running, this way we can encourage and promote and most importantly, listen, through your employees ears.