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13/02/11 Love what you do

Love is in the air.  Be in love with your work.  No matter what you do, put your heart into it and reap the rewards.

Love Is In The Air

We are on a mission to make the workplace a great place to be.  Some simple additions to working practices can help:

L earning Tools
O n-site Therapies
V ital Health Screening
E xercise

The benefits of creating a happy working environment speak for themselves.  Employees can spend the majority of their life in your place of work, and experience shows us that lunch breaks are rare, pressure is high and burn out may be lurking for many.  We would really love to visit you and deliver our services, put simply, the Learning Tools can inspire and bring new life into the workplace.  The creative courses such as mind mapping and Six thinking Hats encourage inspired thinking, they can help employees greatly at work, and the benefits will be felt at home, creating a wonderful sense of wellbeing.  The health workshops including nutrition and WellMan and WellWoman are interactive and will have employees thinking about themselves and their family members in terms of provention rather than cure and what to keep a beady eye out for.   The On-site Massage and Reflexology service acts as an employee reboot.  Giving employees the opportunity of taking a well earned break, without distractions, something that is for them entirely and allows complete switch off, halting the adrenal stress response in it’s tracks and restoring energy levels.  Our Vital Health Screening has saved lives.  Excuse me for being dramatic here… it is amazing to think that we have picked up cases of early onset diabetes, kidney problems and elevated blood pressure that people would have remained unaware of without their workplaces arranging for us to visit.  A great percentage of the cases have been in gentlemen, the gender most unlikely to visit their GP for routine tests.  And finally…. Exercise. Sit down all day, lift boxes all day, feel stressed out all day = aches and pains.  The correct class can do wonders.  Yoga and Pilates to stretch and tone; boxercise and circuits to work the cardiovascular system, and the great bit is they are all good for reducing levels of stress hormones in your system.

Pick and mix from our services, they really are a recipe for wellbeing!