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26/03/10 Need a reboot? Try an On-site Massage.

“The first thing that happens at work in the morning is i notice a pile of work appearing, reports to read, emails to answer, meetings to attend, by the time it’s lunch time I don’t know if I am coming or going and certainly don’t feel able to stop for lunch”.  Worryingly this excert may seem all to familar to many of us.  I notice people just not stopping all day and then taking work home to continue into the night.  Without looking at the pshychological effects of this behaviour, stop for a moment to think about the physiological effects.  We really aren’t designed to be sat sitting for hours, many of us peering at our computer screen, ignoring that email that went around telling us to stop every 40 minutes for a break.  If your company has introduced an on-site massage programme, you will know what a god send this service can be.  It amazes me what a change 15 minutes can have, the office massage routine is performed on a fully supportive chair (unless we are visiting a call centre environment – more on this another day) and no oils or creams are used, enabling staff to quickly resubmerge themselves into their working day, with a difference.  After an onsite massage people are more aware of their posture, we will have worked the key muscle groups and accupressure points and encouraged deeper breathing and less hunching, there is even some research on how massage can boost creativity and a medical journal published a report demonstrating that individuals who received a 15 minute chair massage compared to a 15 minute rest performed better at maths tests and were more efficient.  Our team of therapists love their jobs, how else would we get such a warm welcome?  ‘it’s massage day – thank heaven’. To tempt you a little more take advantage of our “free 2 hours” promotion, currently running.