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19/01/11 On site Massage – before and after

Our corporate massage team cover the UK and Ireland practising seated on site massage, reflexology, indian head massage, reiki and sometimes, for those lucky few who have 30 minutes, aromatherapy oil seated massage.

99% of the companies we work with pay for their employees to benefit from this service, and we have worked with many of our clients for over 10 years, a wonderful endorsement of the status the on site massage service has within the business world.  The companies we work with don’t do things because they are pressured into it,they do it because it makes real business sense.

Providing an on site massage programme can greatly benefit the working environment.  Having happy, healthy employees is something we all will agree is the key to increased productivity and profitability, and providing 15 or 20 minutes of seated massage or half an hour reflexology sessions helps to broadcast a worthwhile message to employees ‘we value you’.

Time and time again I wish we took before and after photos of our clients.  They visit us often in despair, too much work to think straight, shoulders which are acting as earings, lower back aching from sitting all day, wrist and arm problems, and I am certainly not saying we are magicians, or maybe we are!  You would be amazed at the difference just 15 minutes can make.

During the on site massage treatment, employees are seated on a fully supported massage chair, after we have checked for contraindications (reasons why we can’t massage or must alter our routine) we start by warming up the back and shoulders.  Our routine then works key muscle groups and pressure points and we must be magicians as we have a cunning knack of finding those spots that really make a difference.

The after… well we sit you up and perform an energising percussion routine, this is designed to leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day with renewed energy and a clear mind.  And boy does it show!

If you would like further details of our on site massage service or are interested in reflexology in the workplace, or any other treatments, please don’t wait to call!  0845 2263391