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28/03/17 3 tips to reduce stress and calm your body and mind

Try our 3 tips to reduce stress and calm your body and mind.  Use them as much as possible.  They are skills that you can learn, and like learning a new language, you won’t be able to just do them (some may be able to) they will take practice and perseverance.  Luckily, they are relatively easy to learn and can be done at home or in the office.

1. Be here – right now

Many of us are on automatic pilot.  You know when you arrived somewhere but don’t know how you got there?  That isn’t being in the present!  Bringing yourself into the present is a massive first step into getting to know yourself and understanding what makes you react to certain events and situations.   Use your body: clap your hands, slap your body (use a cupped hand and pat this around the whole of your body), shake (stand and start shaking your body – you can use your voice to if you aren’t worried about looking odd).  Use your mind: think of 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can sense, 2 things you can smell.

2. Concentrate your worries!

Sometimes our minds race around and dart – I remember hearing that the mind untrained is like a wild dog!  I can certainly relate to this at times.  Try this simple exercise.  Draw a circle on a piece of paper.  On the inside write down all the things you can control and have an influence over, on the outside write down all the things that you can’t.  Open your heart and know that you can still care about the things on the outside, even if you cannot actually change them.

3. Reframe your catastrophes

If you are really in the loop of worrying about something, and you have worked through number 1 and 2, it is time to reframe your worry.  Have a think and feel about what it will be like in 3 years time, will it still be affecting you?  What is the worst that could happen? Think about some coping strategies you could use to survive it.  You can also look for opportunities, what haven’t I seen that could turn this into a positive?  Can I laugh about this?


Looking for more?  Our training team regularly run managing pressure, resilience, worklife balance and work smart workshops – get in touch to arrange for an informal training needs chat.


21/03/11 Dr Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats® Open Workshops

We have listened to you, and know that many of you would like to experience the Six Thinking Hats® workshops away from the workplace, so we have some dates for you!

Two open workshops are running in London, March 31st (now full) and May 17th (spaces available).

Six Thinking Hats® is a tremendously flexible technique which can be used personally, one to one and in teams/meetings. Its positive impact on your culture will be significant.

  • Dramatically improve meeting effectiveness – as much as 75% reduction in meeting time
  • Greater involvement of everyone in the team through “collaborative exploration” and Parallel thinking
  • Reduce frustrating and unproductive adversarial debate in meetings
  • Significantly improve the quality of decision making
  • Increasing motivation through people’s greater contributions to develop solutions
  • Generate much more creative solutions
  • Greatly increase the number and quality of new ideas

Dr Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats® is a practical and effective management tool that can significantly improve the productivity and effectiveness of your organisation.  This has been proven over the years by many leading edge companies.
Rates:  Full day workshop = £475 plus VAT

You can analyse the past, but you have to design the future. 

Engage your employees, enhance their creativity.

Contact us for booking details.

15/09/10 Back to School for the WPH team

The Brain.  Amazing how little I know about something I carry around with me every day.  This cannot be said for the creator of our latest training course, Dr Edward De Bono.  We had the pleasure of attending the Six Thinking Hats course, after all I have read so much about it and am confident to tell you all about it, I wanted more!

Possibly, like me, you went to school, college, and possibly not like me, Uni, and didn’t learn some of the most powerful things around to help you to learn and be great at your job, quicker, easier, more efficiently and most importantly more creatively.

In fact the De Bono Six thinking hats is now compulsory in all schools in Venezuela and it is on the education agenda in many countries around the world. The appeal of Dr. de Bono’s work is its simplicity and practicality. It can be used by four year olds and by senior executives; by children with learning difficulties and Nobel Laureates.

Why is this course so special? Have you heard rumours that this training can cut meeting times and save companies money?  Well I am so confident about this that I am offering a money back guarantee if you don’t feel it is a worthwhile spend of your companies money!

The NHS recently commissioned facilitation from a De Bono Six Thinking Hats trainer to facilitate a consultation to plan the expenditure of up to £500 million on hospital services in the region.  The facilitation process enabled cross departmental communication, an area that can so often become a sticking point, and resulted in 2,000 new ideas from 500 employees in just a week.  The outcome of the Six Thinking Hats process has formed the basis for the provision of care in the future.

The cost savings of having more productive, often shorter meetings aren’t difficult to calculate.  Coopers & Lybrand worked out that in an organisation of 100 people by saving one hour per week per person with more effective meetings, £250,000 per year could be saved.

J.P. Morgan  “It has reduced meeting times by up to 75%, and changed our culture across Europe.”

There are so many positive things written about this course, with my Black hat on I am trying to think of a negative…. maybe this is where it fails, as I can’t think of one!

We are lucky to welcome into our training team Stuart Scott, one of only 15 trainers internationally to be appointed master trainer for De Bono techniques, Stuart teaches across the globe.   We can teach your team, or we can teach your employee’s to teach your team so that you always have the hats embedded in your business, be warned though, it will spread to your home life and you might become hooked on hats!

Whats next? De Bono Facilitation of course!